Portable Generator Connection Boxes

Power is the backbone of almost all infrastructure; from healthcare to communications, from travel and logistics to data storage, from commerce and security to power generation itself.

Backup Safety

We rely on the presence of reliable power for almost everything we do. When power is lost, critical situations can quickly become catastrophic. For these reasons, Electric Equipment & Engineering Co. innovated the Portable Generator Connection Box. The Portable Generator Connection Box is the product you need when going without power is just not an option. Standby generators are not 100% reliable and are not always affordable for every situation. The Portable Generator Connection Box gives you the Power to control almost any situation.

The Portable Generator Connection Box can be used with a permanent generator for connection to an internal ATS, or for connection of a Portable Generator or other Alternate Power Source when your primary or backup source has failed.
The Portable Generator Connection Box ranges in size from 100-4000A and comes in a wide variety of configurations. The Portable Generator Connection Box can be fitted with standard mechanical lugs, two-hole compression lugs, or color coded Cam-Type connectors for quick and easy generator connection.

Whether you are trying to power your home, a hospital, your communications site, or your Data Center, this product fits your needs. Electric Equipment & Engineering Co. has been in the Standby Power business for 90 years and pioneered this product specifically to meet the needs of Critical Power Infrastructure. This fact insures that every unit is properly UL Listed and that the quality and safety that only Electric Equipment & Engineering Co. can provide is built into every unit.