We have a comprehensive ability to create custom solutions for many power management requirements.

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We combine years of engineering knowledge, multidisciplinary expertise, and the right products to meet the needs of of our customers.

We can provide our customers with complete solutions that include overall product design, detailed engineering, and products that implement a complete solution for your application.

Experienced engineers can identify and solve potential problems before they impact a project’s final design and implementation – saving you time and money. Our familiarity with standards and procedures, our participation in professional and technical organizations, and our mix of engineering expertise allow us to provide the ideas and solutions to meet specific needs of our customers

Specific Areas of Expertise for Engineering, Design and Related Services associated with A.C. and D.C. Industrial, Commercial and Home based low voltage projects and applications (600 volts A.C. and lower; 500 volts D.C. and lower):

Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches.

Power systems for the telecommunications marketplace.

Permanent/Portable Generators.

Portable Generator Quick Connects – with and without an associated transfer switch.

Permanent Load Bank quick connect systems for routine generator testing.

Ground Fault Protection Schemes that involve multiple power sources.

Alternative energy sources such as Solar Power Sources or other types of Inverter Power.

Isolation/Bypass ATS products.

Smart A.C. Metering Systems.

Smart Grid Metering Applications.

Smart Switchboards and Switchgear applications.

Custom metering applications.

Custom protective relaying applications.

Generator paralleling systems.

Service entrance rated transfer switches.

Integrated ATS/MTS and distribution.

Multi-tenant transfer switches.

Multiple transfer switches on one generator
Custom bus designs for existing A.C. systems.

Upgrades to existing Transfer Breaker Pairs.

New Transfer Breaker Pairs.

Main-Tie-Main Applications.
Sophisticated Key Interlock Applications.

For those that desire custom applications that incorporate any or all of the above concepts.

Provide part or all of the detailed engineering design with the intent to manufacture the designed product.

Service & Support

The relationship doesn’t end after installation.

Electric Equipment & Engineering Company (EEE) has a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. After installation, commissioning, and training, we stand by our work by providing additional support as required.

Manufacturing Excellence – The ‘Triple E’ Manufacturing Excellence Policy

Manufacturing excellence is also what separates Electric Equipment & Engineering Company (EEE) from its competitors. EEE is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. This means meeting established requirements and mutually agreed upon expectations of our customers. We will strive for continuously improved performance in all functional areas using involved employees that are skilled and properly trained.

Our ‘Triple E’ Manufacturing Excellence policy will insure that our products and services have performed above and beyond your expectations. Our reputation is focused on retaining and growing our customer base by solving complex application problems using our expertise, innovative products and exceptional attention to detail.

The result of these activities is to provide a standard of products and service that exceeds customer expectations.

Electric Equipment & Engineering Company (EEE) is a premier provider of innovative and high quality products, technical services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers in the power, telecommunications and transfer systems industries.