Switchboards and Integrated Switchgear


SB3 style front access only Main-Tie-Main design with descriptive mimic bus. EEE Smart Switchboard formats can include:

  • Siemens WL Modbus Data Tables
  • Discrete Customer Specified Meters Modbus Data Tables
  • High density MCCB metering systems Modbus Data Tables

3000 Amp Russel Isolation/Bypass ATS that has been integrated with an EEE UL 891 custom switchboard lineup. For this project, EEE provided a bus duct interface for the Normal Source of the ATS.

Another bus duct interface was also provided for the E-MDP Tie Breaker section. This UL Listed Smart Switchboard Lineup provided a Modbus data interface for the ATS as well as each WL & MCCB.

SB3 Switchboard Integration

90% of all EEE 800-2000 amp ATS units sold required additional A.C. switchboard sections be produced.

98% of the Siemens based proposals presented which included  an Integrated ATS/SB3 switchboard products were purchased.

Integrated ATS/ Siemens SB3 Switchboard section that integrated in this case with a Grand Prairie supplied lineup.  EEE later replaced the Siemens lineup with our own EEE/SB3 designs.

Customer lineup included:

  • EEE produced WL Breaker Sections
  • Integration with Russel Isolation/Bypass ATS’s

Siemens produced UL 1558 ‘Naked’ Sections to achieve high density distribution sections.

EEE provided all of the internal cross bus and lineup wiring for a 100% tested package ready for customer use.