Transfer Switches

Electric Equipment & Engineering Co. (EEE) has been manufacturing transfer switches using circuit breaker technology for over 50 years. The use of circuit breakers as the central component of the transfer system enables us to engineer products that fit a wide range of customer requirements and specifications.

Overcurrent Protection

Using circuit breaker technology, the transfer system can provide overcurrent protection. Another benefit of the circuit breaker type of transfer system is that the user is isolated from the danger of live parts. Unlike some transfer switch manufacturers, where the user is required to insert a metal bar into the Automatic Transfer Switch for manual operation, EEE’s circuit breaker transfer switches use standard circuit breaker handles. Safety is the most important factor in our transfer systems.

EEE has a wide range of transfer systems to fit your applications. Our Transfer Systems can be provided in sizes ranging from 50A to 5000A; 120/240V Single Phase to 120/208V Three Phase and 277/480V Single and Three Phase. These systems can be Manual or Automatic and all 50-3000A systems are UL 1008 listed. 4000-5000A transfer systems can be labelled under UL 1558 or UL 891. Most of these systems can also be arranged As Suitable for Use in Service Equipment. These transfer systems can also be provided in different enclosures; from Nema 1, to Nema 12, to Nema 3R. As an OEM, EEE can work with you to meet your specific company’s requirements or the changing requirements of each job.

Equip5-TS - 1

Features (50A – 3000A only)

Standard units include the following:

  • Two molded case switches with inherent arc quenching
  • Mechanical walking beam interlock
  • Line and load lugs for copper wire only
  • Common load bus
  • UL 1008 listed (non-automatic transfer switch)
  • Instantaneous trip
  • 100% rated


  • Configured as service entrance equipment
  • Nema 1 or 3R
  • 100% rated neutral and ground
  • Enclosure locking means
  • Auxiliary contacts & shunt trips (3 pole only)
  • Optional interrupting ratings
  • Electrical operator modification kit
  • Portable generator receptacle for alternate source (Camload Connections 50- 200A)
  • Overcurrent trips


For over 70 years, Electric Equipment & Engineering Company (EEE) has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of both Automatic and Manual transfer systems. The design and engineering features incorporated into the present line of automatic transfer switches use concepts that have been proven for many years. Two well-designed components have been integrated to provide the user with the highest quality and most reliable automatic transfer switch in the industry.
The first component consists of two molded case switches or circuit breakers which serve as the power switching devices. Each switch is equipped with a UL listed motor operator which is used to open and close its associated switch/breaker.

The second component is a microprocessor control board which provides the logic to operate the transfer switch. EEE has utilized microprocessor controls in transfer switch designs since 1978. By using present day microprocessor technology, a flexible controller has been incorporated onto a single printed circuit board.

Both components have a number of available options which provide unmatched transfer switch performance and reliability. Our automatic transfer switches are time tested and provide you with the most reliable product on the market. Why go to the expense of a permanent engine and the equipment that automates your standby power system if your automatic transfer system is not going to support you long term and be constantly reliable? We understand how important reliability is. Currently, EEE has thousands of automatic transfer systems installed in almost all 50 states and we have NO contracted service affiliates anywhere in the United States. We have site specific drawings for automatic transfer systems sold since 1938. We continue to provide support for many of these systems which have been in service for 40+ years. If you ever do have problems, you speak to an engineer who is familiar with the product and is experienced in trouble-shooting problems. Our commitment to you is spoken through the quality and support of our systems.


  • Integrated bus connection (800-3000A) increases project cost savings
  • 100% rated
  • Mechanically interlocked
  • Reverse or bottom feed for normal and alternate source breakers retains UL listing
  • Simple manual operation